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Specializing in automation of the various functions performed in the health care provider organizations, MEDIWARE, provides turn-key solutions including matched hardware components, software applications, installation of the systems, users training and the on-going maintenance and support

Serving the Houston's medical community since 1987, the company employs in-house technical and industry experts to carry out new research, enhance existing products and respond to the customer requirements as needed. The software used is of modular design. Users can easily customize and adapt it to meet their specific requirements. In those rare circumstances, when a user requires special modifications to the existing software, it can generally be performed quickly and economically by our expert staff.

In addition to the practice management and patient billing functions, the application stores and reports data in formats useful for the service providers in dispensing of care of the patients. Information such as patient's medical history, previous procedures, previous diagnosis, prescription records, patient notes etc., can be accessed instantly by the provider. The information can also be accessed from a remote location through the use of a modem.


4151 Southwest Freeway

Suite 650

Houston, TX 77027

Tel:  713-850-8866



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